Senin, 28 September 2009

my worst goal keeper

Since I was young.. I like to play football. Especially with my friends in my village. We always playing football in the evening. At that time I often played as a goal keeper. I have a good respons at that time. Yeah.... I'm proud of that, I often play with the boys taller than me. But I didn't scare because I had many friends like me.
Then I grew up and I became a junior high school student. I became rather played football. Because I slept after I go home. In Junior High School, I never became a goal keeper. I played as a wing and I like that. It keep going until I became a senior high school student. I ever became a goal keeper in senior high school. But it was no longer I became a goal keeper. I played in my favourite position that is wing.
But yesterday when I play football I was asked to become a goal keeper. I told them that I can't become a goal keeper. But, no one else want to become a goal keeper. So, I take the position.
First half was began. Our opponent took the kick off. They controlled the game. Then they penetrate to our defender. Our defender can't stop them. Then one of themreleased a shoot to my goal. I couldn't see the ball. When the ball was came my respon was too late. The ball touched my hand but I couldn't catch the ball. So the ball went to my goal. And our opponent goal a score.
After that, our team took a kick off. After a while, our opponent once again controlled the game. They passed our defender and shoot the ball to my goal and a goal was happened. Until half time the score was 4-0 for our opponent. I talked to our team that I couldn't be a goal keeper gain. But they still trust me, because there was no nother option. So I took the position ane more time in second half.
After the game took a while, our opponent add 2 goal into my goal post. Before the game was ended, I asked to ones of defender to change our position. He agreed and know I became a midfielder. After the change our opponent once again goal a score to our goal post. So the final score was 7-0. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE..... i can't say anything. just hairfun...

7-0 is score that I remember,, but I think the score is more than that....